The Our Lady Star of the Sea Church Life Size Crucifix
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The original design drawing of the “Rising Christ” figure, presented to the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. for approval.
The beginning stages of the Corpus Christi (figure of Christ) sculpture. The life-size figure began its construction by using aluminum wire and Styrofoam material as its armature.
After taking careful measurements from a life model, the Styrofoam form is carefully carved down to the correct anatomical proportions and then receives a coating of industrial wax. The wax helps the clay adhere to the surface, making it easier to manipulate and achieve meticulous details.
Applying the clay to the armature.
After several months of sculpting, the Corpus Christi is ready for casting (front view).
The finished Corpus Christi figure (back view).
Rubber mould material is applied (front view). A mould is used for making a duplicate sculpture of the original that will eventually be cast in a lightweight stone-like material called “Forton”.
Mould making (back view).
My assistant helps apply 23 Karat gold gilding to the mahogany wood cross.
My assistant and the carpenter, who cut and built the cross design, pose by the finished assemblage. The structure measures ten feet high by six and a half feet wide.
This image shows the few stainless steel rods protruding from the figure’s back suspending it away from the wood cross.
The finished artwork suspended from the new church’s ceiling by the use of stainless steel aviation cables.
Taking a break after a successful installation.
The “Rising Christ”.
Dedication Day- Posing with Father Gardiner (standing on the right), the Pastor of the Church and Father Mudd.