The SMR Knights' Heads
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Model of proposed sculpture built at 1/6th scale.
This is sculpted in multi-colored clay placed upon a green felt base.
Detail of the knight’s head model.
The model (on the left, cast in a bronze-like material) is used as a guide to fashion the life-size sculpture. My assistant “blocks-out” the initial structure in Styrofoam first.
Once the Styrofoam is covered in clay and detailed to a relatively satisfactory level,
I concentrate on the drapery by using a plaster model as my guide.
The finished clay sculpture, ¾ view.
The finished clay sculpture, side view.
My assistant stands beside the two bronze castings.
Stainless steel rods are inserted into the bases. These are for mounting into the concrete.
With assistance from the masons, we prepare to lift the heavy sculpture into the two holes predrilled into the cement pier cap.
Finishing touches by the masons.
The knights standing guard at their new permanent home.